Wisdom is the most beautiful state of mind…

Have you ever wondered why things go wrong even if you make the impossible to put them in order?

You have to learn to be patient, appreciate yourself and try to find out your role in this life. Just follow your bliss. Your door will open. Everything will fall into place when you expect less.

I am sharing with you ten truths about life that I  can guarantee that are meaningful:

  1. Everything in life happens for us not to us! Life works for you.
  2. Nothing in life is more important than peace of mind!
  3. We always have the answer within us! Stop running to other people for approval.
  4. Nothing good is going to happen after 2 a.m.! So go to sleep.
  5. Don’t  ever make decisions when you are angry! Breathe please! Calm down then decide.
  6. You can’t find happiness in another person! It is in yourself.
  7. Bad dreams have the most important messages. Believe that!
  8. Never over complicate simple things.
  9. Never underestimate yourself. Everything that happens to you in life is happening because you can handle it.
  10. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. You are meant to love. Love your life, love people around you, love nature!

Much love,


Ten habits of happy people!

  1. They refuse to give up on their dreams. So do you know even Einstein experienced failure?
  2. They go all in. There is no greater curse than living life halfhearted.
  3. They never hold grudges. Feelings of anger is only going to hurt you.
  4. They have courage to share their feelings. Never, but never in the world be ashamed about what you feel. Everything becomes meaningless if you don’t have the power to express yourself.
  5. They don’t become obsessed with social media. Social media is the biggest illusion of happiness. Being popular on Facebook is basically the same thing as being rich at Monopoly.
  6. They understand it is ok to say NO.
  7. They never compare to other people. You have your own story and it is unique and amazing.
  8. The only thing they fear is fear itself. Get up in the real world and start kicking ass.
  9. They respect other people.
  10. They stay humble.