The californian breakfast: cantaloupe as a side, please!

Fresh food lover: fresh ingredients, fresh fusions, fresh cuts, fresh colors, fresh mornings!

Local fresh ingredients: cantaloupe, avocado, goat cheese, nuts and seeds bread, smoked salmon, chopped tomatos, arugula, chives, olive oil.

Hmm… is soft, jucy pulp and sweet flavour and is 90 percent water. Is perfect to help with hydration on these hot mornings! Cantaloupe is low in calories, high in vital nutrients and can help you while you try to lose weight. Bomb fruit: vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, folate, selenium and choline.

Nothing brings people together like delicious food!



A walk to remember…

Dear ocean,

Thank you for all my great memories, for the wind on my face, for the salt in my hair and for all the peace around me! You will always be beautiful!

I call myself a traveler, not a tourist

I always do my best to blend with the locals so I will never stare at a map with a selfie stick in my hand. I make sure I bring clothes that are fashionable…, well I never lose my style for comfort but I also respect cultural norms.

Most time I use the local language. I usually try local cuisine because is a link to local culture… and because I love to try new food, especially desserts.

The most important… I never rely on a map, I trust my own instincts. I am not afraid of getting lost, eventually getting lost means seeing beautiful landscapes you might have never seen before.

With love,


Spring herbs from California!

Easy to grow, full of flavour and incredibly versatile, spring herbs are real green treasures! 

With spring here, you might consider growing all you these magic herbs in your own garden. Actually you don’t need a garden! You can start with a few pots in a small sunny corner.

Herbs love light and sunshine! Most of them can be grown in containers and don’t need too much looking after. All they need is sunshine, good soil and not too much water. Many herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and lavender come from hot dry climates. They positively hate standing in water, so make sure you only water sparingly when they look dry.

Culinary herbs make a good starting point for the novice herb grower so you can try parsley, basil, thyme, and sage for your first attempts at herb gardening! Herbs can do much more than add sparkle to your cooking! Your options are limitless!

With love,